Opening season trip 2017

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The opening tour for 2017 was attended by Cees Haanebrink, Elena Haanebrink, Jan Berendse, Elmer van Ennenaam and Paul van Ennenaam (brother of).

We gathered at 09.30hrs at the 4th of May in “Bolle Hendrik” in Tuitjenhorn for a coffee and a carrot/nut cake as a welcome by Carolien and Henk (the owners).

The weather looked promising in the South part of Holland, a pity that we were driving in the North part of Holland.

From Tuitjenhorn we immediately drove to the West-Friese omringdijk. This dijk is about 5 to 8 metres above the land and give some beautiful views onto the fields/villages/flower fields below. Close to Schagen we left the West-Friese omringdijk to drive through (eh, besides the flower fields). The farmers did not listen to my request to wait with cutting the flowers heads-off till after the tour , so most flower fields were already green but we were still able to spot some nice coloured fields.

After the flower fields we drove back to the West-Friese omringdijk to continue the route, close to Abbekerk we made a short stop to dress up into the rain suits (the rain went from drops into a hell of a lot of drops). Driving in the rain is nice for a couple of minutes but with grey skies all around us and no dry future, the front driver decided to take a faster route to Medemblik for a dry lunch.

In the centre of Medemblik we were welcomed with some “koffiekaatje” and coffee (alcohol and coffee is a good combination while driving a motorbike in the rain and cold), and we enjoyed a good lunch. The chickens in Medemblik did their best to create plates full of Omelettes. Still raining we continued the tour and the front driver had some really small roads with old pavement in his navigation device. However due to the wet roads and some real North Holland clay on the roads (thanks to the farmers), thing became tricky due to the slippery roads. Elmer encountered some ‘breaking out’ of his rear tyre and curves were taking carefully and again we had to deviate to more ‘bigger’  roads. The rain was still pouring down and Cees (front driver) decided to go back to the starting point for some wrap-up and a “call it a day” meeting. Jan still had to drive 150km and Elmer and brother 100km to go home. We decided to call it a day and went home after another successful day with the offshore bikers.

Jan made a perfect impression of the day with the video on the website (even the music fits).

Thanks guys for another good biking day,

Cees Haanebrink


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