Kouwe Klauwen 2016

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The first tour of the Offshore-Bikers is a fact.

We gathered at the Hotel van der Valk Vianen on 10.00hrs. on 26-09-2016, to first drink a cup of coffee. The group was Jan, Cees, Rein, Teun and Elena (Wife of Cees), Ronald could not make it due to a strained muscle in his back (he probably jumped very enthusiastic out of bed for the first tour of the offshore-bikers) and Elmer had to work. All members encountered the traffic jams on the Monday morning but the mood was good due to the perfect weather for late September. Rein even took the day off and rented a motorbike to be part of the first tour of the offshore-bikers. At 10.30, Jan ordered the group to go due to his strict planning. Jan prepared this route on its Navigation system and the Thursday before, Jan and me did the tour to see if there were any major road-works ongoing and make sure that we could have lunch somewhere halfway.

We left Vianen and immediately went on the Lek-Dijk to enter the “Land van Maas en Waal”. After 10 minutes we encountered the first road works and had to take a de-tour. During the day we encountered some more road works that blocked the planned route, it looked like Rijkswaterstaat planned all activities on Jan’s well prepared route.  Especially Culemborg was completely blocked by road-works and we did not see the beautiful sceneries of Culemborg.

Jan and me planned a lunch at 13.00 hrs during our pre-tour, this café was normally closed on Mondays but the owner said he was willing to open at 13.00 for  our tour. Due to the de-tours we were already at the lunch location at 12.00 and no sign of the owner so we decided to move on (he is probably still waiting for us with his tosties and soup). The next hour we drove along nice roads and enjoying the views. At 13.00 we found the first lunch-stop that was open, a Chinotaria in Waardenburg. What the @#&% is a Chinotaria. That is very simple to explain: if a Chinese couple buys a cafeteria ………. The lunch was good, the Omelettes and of course a Loempia disappeared very rapidly and the energy was back in the group.

Via all sort of nice dijk-roads, we ended up in Nieuwpoort at 15.00 (tea-time for Teun). Eetcafe de Dam was the goal for Teun’s tea. But to keep the tradition alive in the “land of Maas en Waal”, this café was also closed. We learned that Monday is not the best day for a tour (or we have to bring our own coffee and sandwiches). The decision was made to postpone the tea break till the finish line (Hotel van der Valk, Vianen).  When we sat down in Vianen on the terrace at 15.45, we decided to skip the tea and we went for an early diner (that saved some cooking at home).

Guys, thanks for the nice day, I hope a lot of nice tours will follow (we will prepare some more nice tours) and to Jan;  thanks  for the perfect preparation and all the computer work.


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