Autumn tour

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Report of the Autumn ride:

The 2nd tour (Autumn ride) took place on the 6th of November, 2016. The author left home in the North West part of Holland at 08.30 in the morning to assure timely arrival in Reeuwijk for the mustering. When the author left home it was already raining cats and dogs (and a lot of water off course). It cleared up a little bit just before arrival in Reeuwijk and a double rainbow appeared in the sky, the author thought; this must be a sign for good weather for the rest of the day (despite that all the weather apps had shown the opposite).
Due to all road works and closed roads, the author arrived at 10.01 (one minute too late) and the other offshore-bikers were already waiting outside the restaurant. It was no surprise that the “old” group had mustered (Jan, Teun and Rein). “Old” means the same group as the first ride (not age related). We went inside for a coffee with apple-pie but found out that the apple-pie was still in the oven and an alternative was rapidly ordered.
Teun prepared the route and went in front and I must admit that the route was beautiful. Only due to the weather and road circumstances (rain, leaves on the road, grit on the road and some cowshit here and there), alertness was required by the drivers.
The first part of the ride was alongside waterways on nice small roads via Driebruggen, Woerden, Nieuwebrug, the Meije and then a coffee-stop in Bodegraven in an old wind mill that was transferred into a beer brewery. In the wind mill we had some time to get back to normal temperature with the wood stove in the corner (see picture).
After coffee in the wind mill, Teun encountered some road block, Sunday market and other no entry signs on his route, but Teun decided that when his navigation computer gives you the direction, do not deviate from this. So we ended up with driving through closed construction roads, no entry streets and a Sunday market were the sellers and the customers of the market looked very surprised that 4 motorbikes drove through their (until then) quiet market.
The rest of the ride via Zwammerdam, Nieuweveen, Amstelhoek, Uithoorn and Vinkeveen brought us to Baambrugge were the lunch was planned, see outside photo. Due to the weather and road circumstances we were a little bit late (about 1,5 hour) for the reservation. I must admit that we had some other delays as well; Cees decided to stop for a piss underway after driving 10km with crossed legs trying to avoid wet pants on the inside but the rest did not see his signal and Rein (as a real Field Engineer) decided to modify his gear stick on the asphalt. Perfect pirouette by the way, Rein.

During lunch in Baambrugge we decided to call it a day and everybody moved towards house. Thanks to the die-hards we had another successful ride with offshore-bikers in marginal weather. I hope next time we will see some other faces as well during mustering for the next ride.

Cees Haanebrink

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